We care for them as much as you do

The Berea Primary family is a welcoming, warm and nurturing place to start your child on the right path in life. The choices you make in these early years are crucial to the future success and well being of your child.

Our Approach

We provide a safe, secure environment where each individual is unique and special. Learners can express themselves creatively and culturally, feel stimulated and challenged, develop social skills and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Active Learning

The joy of learning starts here, with excellent resources and facilities, a relevant and child-centred curriculum and a strong sense of school spirit, identity and common purpose.

Our School

Our family is made up of inspired, experienced and professional educators; friendly, caring and helpful support staff; involved and appreciative parents; and many happy and fulfilled children! We all share the same goals and principles. We believe in our learners and have high expectations for them.